Photo Expedition: Colombia's Cowboys & Indigenous Communities



Galavanta and Foto Expeditions have come together to create an intimate and unique experience through a complete new way of travel. The Colombia edition of fotoexpeditions will open four VIP spots for intermediate or advanced photographers interested in a life-changing, fascinating and inspiring workshop. This itinerary has been curated to take you to the most remote parts of Colombia, for an immersion into three completely different sceneries and cultures: the Colombian cowboys in the great plains of the Orinoco, Wayuu Indians in La Guajira desert and Arhuaco Indians in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Using photography you will explore each singular reality, and the variety of destinations will change your perspective and views.

This photo-journey was not designed for beginners and knowledge is required to take total advantage of the different encounters. More than individuals you will be meeting souls, with different backgrounds, beliefs and traditions and with it you will be learning lessons about humanity and about yourself. The lead photographer for this adventure, David Taggart, is not an instructor or tour-guide, however he will help you see what others do not, making you perceive all the beauty and profoundness in every destination. This will help you capture authenticity while you create a genuine bond with each of your subjects. After this journey you will have an outcome of deep and effective image that will impact all audiences.




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    People are what motivate and interest David. Through his photography, he connects with his subjects and extends that connection the viewer. He captures and communicates profoundly human stories, creating a sense of wonder and provoking an emotional, meaningful journey of the mind and spirit. An intrepid traveler, David’s constant search is for the unique, ordinary, obvious and illusive, whether these moments are encountered around the corner or in the most remote, far-flung places in the world. He has exhibited throughout North and South America, and corporations, non-profits and NGOs regularly commission his work. David’s photography is included in the collections of museums and collectors around the globe.

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Los Llanos orientales are vast grassland plains between the Andes mountains and Amazon rainforests, where Llaneros (Colombian cowboys) spend their days riding horses and herding cattle. Experience the fascinating culture of joropo dancing,harp music, barefoot riding and taming cattle with song. Spend a day with a local Guahibo indigenous community, and experience the contrasts of this land.



La Guajira is located on the most northern point of Colombia, where a striking desert fades into an aquamarine ocean. La Guajira has been inhabited by the Wayuu indigenous community for hundreds of years, and continue to preserve their traditions, culture and way of life to this day. Experience life at a Wayuu rancheria, meet local families, learn about traditional dances and the weaving of mochila bags and chinchorro hammocks.



Nabusimake is the spiritual centre of the Arahuaco indigenous community, and the place where they believe the sun was born. Located in the southern side of Sierra Nevada, Nabusimake is beautifully organised village, surrounded by lush mountains, crystalline rivers, and sacred waterfalls. Experience the deep spirituality, traditions and way of life of the Archuaco people, which have been preserved after staying hidden in these mountains for hundreds of years.



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