Cartagena, founded by Spanish explorers in 1533, is a stunning example of Spanish colonial architecture, African culture and Amerindian heritage. Its picturesque historic center is enclosed by impressive fortifications that protected the city from pirates, but they now provide unparalleled views of the ocean.

Cartagena’s cobble stone streets are lined with brightly-coloured colonial mansions that conserve the massive wooden entrances with brass door knockers and stars that symbolized the status of each family. Today, these colonial mansions are home to some of South America’s most exquisite restaurants, hotels and boutiques, which flaunt world-class interior design, service and cuisine.

To top it off, Cartagena is the cultural hub of Colombia. Boasting premier literature, music and film festivals, along with traditional cultural celebrations, there is always something to see and do. Dance salsa, learn how to cook ceviche, watch live traditional music and presence the locals’ true joie de vie!