The Coffee Triangle is not a city, a monument, or any one place in particular. Instead, it is a beautiful blend of lush mountains, rich culture, and incredibly kind people. The triangle consists of three states: Quindio, Caldas, and Risaralda. This region sits high in the western Andes mountain range, where the altitude, climatic conditions and fertile terrain have combined to produce what many consider to be the best coffee in the world.

The Coffee Triangle has its own culture, which can be observed and enjoyed within many of its small towns, such as Salento and Filandia, which have preserved their traditions and brightly coloured houses since the late 1840s. You can also immerse yourself in Colombia’s marvellous coffee culture in one of the many haciendas, which you can visit for a few hours or spend a few days soaking up the atmosphere of this caffeinated community.

The views of the high peaks and the valleys of the Andes will take your breath away, particularly in the Valle del Cocora, which is famous for its 60 metres-tall (200-foot) palm trees. Between horseback riding in private haciendas, paragliding through verdant valleys, or adventuring in natural reserves filled with exotic birds and flowers, you will have plenty to write home about.