Nuqui We Love You! |  10 Reasons to Visit Colombia’s Pacific Coast 

With its cultural richness, unspoilt beaches, jungle-clad islands, and wild beauty, it’s no surprise that the town of Nuqui in the Colombian Pacific Coast is becoming the most talked-about destination for adventurous travellers.

Located in the tropical rainforest of Colombia’s west coast, the entire coast only has 1 road access, which is why this region remains so unexplored and wild. It’s a mainly African descendant region that holds an incredible potential in terms of biodiversity, gastronomy and cultural heritage.

For a long time, the area wasn’t considered due to the basic hotel options, but with a new lodge available for more discerning travellers, we are thrilled to open this new destinations to more of Galavanta’s guests.



1 – Whale watching

The Tribugá gulf is home to not only howler monkeys and colourful amphibians like the Cocoy frog (Oophaga histrionica), but also to the humpback whales that travel all the way from the Antartic to breed and give birth in the warm deep waters of this tropical region. This magnificent migration takes place between June and September, and there are so many whales you might even spot one mid-air while you’re having lunch on the beach.

2 – Family Friendly

Nuqui is an ideal destination for kids, as the vast beaches and natural surroundings of the house are the perfect playground. Spend your days kayaking, body surfing, snorkelling, paddle boarding and exploring around the lodge.

3 – A New Beach Lodge

This new 4-room lodge features open spaces, locally crafted décor, hammocks, colourful cushions and a tropical narrative that blends perfectly with its surroundings. The bathrooms and bedrooms are tastefully done, and incredibly comfortable. Home-style meals are served for lunch, made with freshly caught fish and ingredients coming from their own garden, and for dinner gather around a bonfire and enjoy dinner under the stars.

The lodge’s host, Melissa, grew up most of her life in Nuqui, and with her perfect English, contagious smile, and undeniable passion, she will enamour all guests. After hosting many scientists and researchers, she has become incredibly knowledgeable about all the flora and fauna of the region.



4 – Surfing

The strong winds in April and May make Chocó a sought-after destination for surfers of all levels. The stunning beaches of Terquito provide gentle but constant waves, perfect for beginners and families with children. On the other hand, for those seeking to chase tubes, Pico de Loro and Cabo Corrientes are with no doubt the places to go.

5 – Fishing

For fishing aficionados, Nuqui is heaven. Spend the day with local fishermen to learn artisanal fishing techniques, or for the more adventurous set out on a boat in search of tunas, roosters, sailfish, marlins, giant red snappers, and dorados.

6 – Scuba diving

Even though the visibility is not as high as in the Caribbean, there are few diving spots with as many large species as the waters of Nuqui. Spot bottle-nosed dolphins, sailfish, manta rays, giant red snappers, barracudas, schools of tuna, leatherback sea turtles and whale sharks. For experienced and adventurous divers, diving with humpback whales during migration season is a must.



7 – Nature

Bird watchers and general wildlife enthusiasts will find their playground here. Quebrada Morromico has a great viewing point from where you can see the hills of the Jurubirá town, as well as exotic trees and birds representative of the region. Alternatively, a two-hour guided hike through the jungle will make it possible to see orchids, toucans and other exotic species.

8 – Culture

Today, the African heritage of the Pacific coast is undeniably present in the music, traditions, dances and cuisine. Visit the local communities to experience their fascinating culture, and make sure to stop by the Museum of Local Knowledge in Coquí to learn about traditional fishing techniques, culinary traditions and medicinal plants – you can even get custom-made herbal potions specially concocted to attract love and good luck.

9 – Gastronomy

Trust us, with Choco’s wide array of delightful recipes, there is no such thing as too much fish. That’s one of the lessons we learned at Zotea.
More than a restaurant, Zotea is a culinary and cultural center that works towards the development of the village of Coquí while showcasing the region’s diverse gastronomy in order to keep the local traditions alive. It’s a fascinating project that combines locally grown produce, sustainable practices and native chefs using modern twists on traditional flavours.
Order the albacore tuna ceviche or try the more traditional Piangüa —a mollusk picked up from the roots of mangroves by local women— along with a Viche cocktail that will lift your spirit after a day in the sun. Or take one of their cooking workshops so you can carry these traditional recipes back home with you.

10 – Landscapes

Describing the scenery as spectacular would be an understatement. Dark volcanic sand, lush green jungles and rock formations popping out of emerald/cerulean waters —a breath taking landscape injected with an unapologetic dose of Colombian flavour.


Length of Stay

Recommended stay is minimum 3 nights, but for the more adventurous 5 nights can be filled with plenty of action.

Getting there

35-minute plane ride from Medellin, or private charter onboard a King Air 350 or Piper Navajo, which can be organised by Galavanta. An English-speaking Host will be waiting at the airport to walk three blocks to the dock of Nuquí, take a 40-minute speedboat ride to the lodge.

Starting At

Room – $520 USD /person/day (based on 2 people)

  • 3 nights
  • Flights Medellin – Nuqui (round-trip)
  • Airport transfers private boat
  • Full-board, snacks, filtered water
  • 3 days of private boat for whale watching
  • Private experiences: trekking in the jungle, visiting local communities, artisanal fishing, cooking classes, visiting natural hot springs

Private Villa – $400 USD /person/night (based on a group of 6 people)

  • 3 nights
  • Flights Medellin – Nuqui (round-trip)
  • Airport transfers private boat
  • Full-board, snacks, filtered water
  • 3 days of private boat for whale watching
  • Private experiences: trekking in the jungle, visiting local communities, artisanal fishing, cooking classes, visiting natural hot springs


Our advice? Try to get there before the word gets out. You’ve been warned!