La Guajira is located on the most northern point of Colombia, where the lush nature of the Sierra Nevada ends, and the vast Guajira desert begins. After the city of Uribia, the region capital, paved roads start to disappear and the only way to travel is by 4×4 with a local Wayuu. Even GPS systems are obsolete in this region. The main destinations are Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallina, the most northern point of the South American continent. Here, the bright orange desert fades into an aquamarine ocean that offers maginifcent sunsets. A few hours inland, one can find La Macuira, a massive oasis mountain in the middle of the desert, where the Wayuu tribe originated according to ancient mythology. The contrast between the arid desert and this unique and isolated ecosystem provides a fantastic and memorable adventure worthy of a life-long story.

The population of La Guajira consists mainly of Wayuu indigenous tribes, who have been present in this region for over hundreds of years, long before the Spaniards settled. Although the Wayuus were converted to Catholicism by the Spanish missionaries, they have preserved their original language, culture and traditional way of living. They live in small villages where houses are made of clay and sticks, people sleep only in chinchorros (traditional hammocs), and the most prized possession are goats and cattle.