La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta climbs to an altitude of 5,776 metres (18,950 feet) and is just 42 kilometres (26 miles) from the Caribbean coast, making it the highest coastal mountain range in the world. This unique placement offers an extensive diversity of ecosystems and climates, ranging from magnificent beaches to tropical rainforests and snowy mountain peaks. In this somewhat magical setting, you can experience the clouds sinking down and settling within the mountains before rising again to reveal a breath-taking view of the stars. Needless to say, watching a sunset over the ocean from 1,500 meters (4,921 feet) is a once in a lifetime experience.

La Sierra’s 17,000 km2 of land gives birth to 36 different rivers and a massive variety of flora and fauna. It is not only a bird haven, but also a paradise of exotic flowers, such as heliconias, anthuriums, gingers, and musas. Furthermore, the mild climate of the mountains is also ideal for exotic fruits and world-renowned coffee.

Ethnic indigenous groups such as the Koguis, Arhuacos, Kankuamos, and Wiwa also inhabit this region. These natives live in remote villages where they have maintained their cultures and traditions for thousands of years. Other extinct indigenous tribes have left their priceless remnants within ancient cities that are now beautifully protected and beloved archaeological sites.